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As a service business you depend on your drivers to be dependable and on time. With Real Time GPS tracking you can be assured your driver is at his scheduled appointment on time. GPS Business Tracking ›

Our GPS Motorcycle Tracking unit protects the safety of you and your motorcycle. In the event of an accident an emergency alert is sent to specified recipients via text message or email message.Motorcycle GPS›

Our equipment tracking system enhances productivity, reduces business expenses and saves countless dollars on fuel. Protect your investment on heavy equipment by holding your operators accountable. GPS Equipment Tracking ›

Protect Your Investment with Asset Tracking

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With more than $500 million thefts in heavy equipment each year, Equipment tracking has become crucial for the construction industry. Heavy equipment is an easier target than automobiles due to the fact that the machinery has easily accessible cabs; one key has the capability to operate more than one machine and because of the lack of on-site security. The percentage of recovery of equipment is at a minimum since most machinery lacks the formal processes for titling, along with poor ownership records and distinguishable serial numbers from manufacturers. Real time GPS tracking can effectively increase recovery rates and put an end to unnecessary monetary loss.

Our equipment tracking system enhances productivity, reduces business expenses and saves countless dollars on fuel. Protect your investment on heavy equipment by holding your vehicle and equipment operators accountable. We are confident our Equipment Tracking System will exceed your expectations. Here are a few of the advantages of our equipment tracking system:

Real Time GPS Tracking

Real Time GPS Tracking is minute-by-minute reporting that guarantees users will always be up-to-date on vehicle location and status. Our equipment tracking software employs an easy-to-use web-based interface. This means users can access their account anytime, anywhere, from any computer.

Mapping and Imaging:

Full functionality views allow users to see the unit location information in road map, 2D and 3D aerial views, as well as a hybrid view. In equipment tracking this is particularly useful in remote areas where street names have not yet been identified. The aerial view gives you a complete visual on the location of your heavy equipment. Real Time GPS Tracking will update continuously to provide accuracy and coverage extends throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Vehicle Groups:

Manage multiple corporate sites and vehicle groups with ease with our equipment tracking software. Our equipment tracking system gives you the freedom to define and create vehicle groups by your own criteria (vehicle type, service, location, driver experience, etc.) Vehicle groups allows you to simplify and organize your assets.

Idling & Engine Hours:

The accurate Idling Detection feature alerts users to excessive vehicle idling, leading to reduced fuel costs. In addition, equipment tracking monitors when a vehicle's ignition is switched on or off giving you a true key on key off idling report.

Geofences & Landmarks:

The active geo-fence boundary monitoring feature tracks when a vehicle enters or exits any of six user-defined boundaries. GPS tracking for equipment allows geo-fences of any shape or size. Users are alerted of breaches by text message or e-mail. In addition, the Landmark feature allows users to define customer sites for time-at-location reporting.

Alerts by Text or Email:

When vehicles exceed the speed threshold or cross geo-fence boundaries, an alert is sent to the user via text (SMS) message and/or e-mail. A message is also stored in the vehicle’s history. Additional e-mail alerts include: Idle Alert, Geofence Alert, Prolonged Stop Alert, and Speed Alert.

Efficient Reports:

Our equipment tracking software offers the industry's most effective and efficient reports. With over a dozen reports offered, your vehicle and heavy equipment information is available within seconds. Visit our Reports page for more information and samples.