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Covert GPS Tracking for Teen Drivers

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GPS tracking devices are becoming more and more popular today as companies use them to track the travel activities of company vehicles and trailers. As a private individual, you may want to use your GPS tracking device not only as a theft deterrent, but also as a way to keep records on your vehicle and monitor the location of your teen driver.

Covert GPS tracking has proven effective in theft recovery, lowering insurance rates and keeping track of new teenage drivers. How many times have you wondered where your teenaged son or daughter has driven to? Did they go just where they said they would, or are they out running around with friends, speeding, and being totally irresponsible? With a covert GPS tracking device, you can record their exact location, speed they were driving, and how many places they actually drove to.

Benefits of Covert GPS for Teen Tracking

Reduced Insurance Rates:

Insurance companies have long recognized the value of GPS tracking in aiding the recovery of stolen vehicles. In fact, most insurance companies offer substantial savings to their customers in the form of lower premiums if they have a GPS device installed in their insured vehicles.

Peace of Mind:

Can you really put a price on knowing your teen driver is safe and protected? Covert GPS tracking means you can covertly install the gps unit discretely under the dash, even the antenna is built into the gps unit. We all know teens have their own agenda when it comes to hanging out with friends. Never worry again that you teen is in an unknown location. With Real Time GPS you can access their location anytime day or night.

Theft Protection:

With hundreds of vehicles stolen every day it sometimes seems the criminal has the upper hand. By installing a covert GPS tracking system in your vehicle, you can rest assured your vehicle and its driver are protected. Web based software allows you to access the location of your vehicle anytime day or night via the web.

Pre-defined Boundaries:

The active geo-fence boundary monitoring feature tracks when a vehicle enters or exits any pre-defined boundary. Set boundaries for areas that are unsafe for your teen. When that boundary is breached you will be notified by text message or e-mail.

Speed Alerts:

When vehicles exceed the speed threshold an alert is sent to the user via text (SMS) message and/or e-mail. A message is also stored in the vehicle’s history.