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As a service business you depend on your drivers to be dependable and on time. With Real Time GPS tracking you can be assured your driver is at his scheduled appointment on time. GPS Business Tracking ›

Our GPS Motorcycle Tracking unit protects the safety of you and your motorcycle. In the event of an accident an emergency alert is sent to specified recipients via text message or email message.Motorcycle GPS›

Our equipment tracking system enhances productivity, reduces business expenses and saves countless dollars on fuel. Protect your investment on heavy equipment by holding your operators accountable. GPS Equipment Tracking ›

GPS Tracking No Monthly Fees

About Us
Low Data GPS

The solution for when you don't need to track in real time or on demand.

In the past low cost GPS tracking has meant little to no data will be retrieved and the data will not be given in real time or on demand. Now you don’t have to break the bank to get the data you need in real time. Our low data GPS tracking with no monthly fees offers 100X the data of other low data GPS plans. With this new state of the art GPS platform you will allow you to see the history of your vehicles in a frequent stops report, never before offered in low data.

Stop Report:

With the click of a mouse you can see the most frequently visited location and the duration of that stop. If you own a car lot or offer vehicle financing, this allows you to locate that vehicle even if the device has been tampered with. Simply go to the location most frequented for the longest duration.

Geofence Alerts:

Be alerted by text if your vehicle enters a specified geofence location such as an impound yard. In the past low data plans only allowed you to go in one by one and attach a geofence which was extremely time consuming. Save time by importing the addresses via excel of all the impound yards and then with one click attaching all the vehicles to those locations.

Non Reporting Units:

Non Reporting Units report allows you to see in advance and devices which are no longer giving a GPS signal, usually due to tampering. This allows you address the non reporting unit in a more efficient way.

Real Time Location:

Most low data service providers will have you fast asleep waiting up to 15 minutes for the ping to go out and find the vehicle’s location. Our GPS tracking with no monthly fees operates in real-time so there is no more waiting for a device to respond.

$99 with no monthly fee

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  • Please note our low data GPS Trackers while ideal for BHPH GPS Tracking, Teen Tracking and Spouse tracking, do not provide idling, speed monitoring or other features found in our Fleet GPS System. Speak with a sales associate for details.