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2009 Fleet Buyers Guide

As a service business you depend on your drivers to be dependable and on time. With Real Time GPS tracking you can be assured your driver is at his scheduled appointment on time. GPS Business Tracking ›

Our GPS Motorcycle Tracking unit protects the safety of you and your motorcycle. In the event of an accident an emergency alert is sent to specified recipients via text message or email message.Motorcycle GPS›

Our equipment tracking system enhances productivity, reduces business expenses and saves countless dollars on fuel. Protect your investment on heavy equipment by holding your operators accountable. GPS Equipment Tracking ›

GPS Container Tracking- Battery Powered

Battery Unit
gps container tracking

GPS container tracking is battery powered unit designed for any mobile asset. Track and locate assets, like crates, generators, containers and trailers. Previously most GPS tracking for assets have required a separate power source or relied on unstable and costly solar power. Now CustomGPS offers customers a new battery powered tracking device with a 3 year battery life. With GPS container tracking you can schedule location updates to occur once a day or once a week depending on your business needs. Our container tracking device is weather proof, affordable and easy to install.

Find Trailers and Track your Assets

  • Advantages: Multi-Year battery life
  • Reports: Location Report every 24 hours
  • Low Cost tracking solution
  • Simple Install: 4 Screw Installation
  • Discrete: Size of a Dollar Bill

Find your Assets Instantly and Measure your Revenue

  • Find lost or stolen containers, and recover them fast
  • Defend against fraudulent accident claims
  • Replace check calls with automated location reports
  • Optimize truck-to-trailer ratios to improve asset utilization and profitability
  • Provide value-added services that generate new revenue sources, including detention billing

Efficient Reports:

Minimize the costs associated with lost, stolen or abandoned trailers with weekly automated asset tracking reports.The Battery Powered unit is a fully weather proof unit with up to a three year battery life depending on how many locates are made on a weekly basis. Ask your sales associate for details about our GPS Container Tracking System Visit our Reports page for more information and samples.