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2009 Fleet Buyers Guide

As a service business you depend on your drivers to be dependable and on time. With Real Time GPS tracking you can be assured your driver is at his scheduled appointment on time. GPS Business Tracking ›

Our GPS Motorcycle Tracking unit protects the safety of you and your motorcycle. In the event of an accident an emergency alert is sent to specified recipients via text message or email message.Motorcycle GPS›

Our equipment tracking system enhances productivity, reduces business expenses and saves countless dollars on fuel. Protect your investment on heavy equipment by holding your operators accountable. GPS Equipment Tracking ›

GPS Tracking for City Vehicles

GPS tracking for garbage trucks

GPS tracking for garbage trucks, snow plows and school buses allows you to monitor the location and routes of city vehicles via the web 24 hours a day. In today's competitive market customers expect efficient response time of City and public works departments. Do you know the habits of your field drivers? Are public resources being used on a driver's private activities? Once a driver knows that his actions are being monitored, you will find an overall decrease in deterred routes and unofficial vehicle use. Real Time GPS tracking effectively monitors field vehicles, their location, status and time on the job.

Design more efficient bus, snowplow and trash pickup routes for your city vehicles. GPS fleet tracking software improves response time to an urgent call within the field by routing the closest vehicle to that customer. Benefits include improved management of fleets, savings on fuel, wear and tear and manpower expenses.

Maintenance Alerts can be used to alert mechanics that a car's engine is operating inefficiently. Scheduled maintenance for vehicles will save taxpayer money on maintenance costs by tapping into the engine when tune-ups and oil changes are due.

Benefits of Real Time GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking for Garbage Trucks:

Have you ever gotten a call from a customer that their trash was not picked up? Real Time GPS tracking data is useful in verifying whether the trucks have been skipping a location if there are repeated calls about a missed service.

GPS Tracking for School Buses:

Do you have worried parents calling because the bus is running late? Real time GPS tracking allows you to check the location of the bus, letting the parent know the bus is only blocks away. Other protection is a 6 month history which allows you to go back in history in the event of an accident.

GPS Tracking for Snowplows:

Is the planning of snow removal routes overwhelming for your staff? . Fleet tracking software for Snow Plows help verify which streets have and haven't been plowed and can monitor routes run at night when there isn't a supervisor on duty. Use GPS weather features to assist in the planning of snow removal.

Frequently Asked Questions of GPS Fleet Tracking