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2009 Fleet Buyers Guide

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FAQ of GPS Fleet Tracking

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GPS Fleet Tracking

When considering an investment in GPS Fleet Tracking, there are many different features, pricing and options a corporate fleet manager will need to take into consideration prior to making a decision. Technology within the GPS industry is constantly evolving. A GPS company that was once considered to be the best GPS Fleet Tracking company in the industry, may not be the same today as it was 10 years or even 5 years ago.

With over 10 years of experience working in the GPS industry we have seen a lot of GPS systems. We understand the search for the right Fleet Tracking system can be overwhelming. In order to assist you in finding the best GPS system for your company's return on investment, we have comprised a list of commonly asked questions.

What coverage do you use?

We have four tier coverage with AT&T along with TMobile. To maximize the best coverage in your area, we often use a combination of both carriers.

How often will the GPS system track or update information?

We offer several update rates to accommodate our customers. Updates range from 1 minute, 5 minute and 10 minute.

Are software updates included?

We include all software updates in your contract. Technology is constantly changing and we want you to be assured you have the best product now and in the future. We perform monthly updates on our software which is done over the air, eliminating the need to access your vehicle.

Is the installation included in your price quote?

Because we recommend our certified installers install the GPS device, we typically include this cost in your price quote. The install is a very crucial part of getting the results needed for vehicle tracking data.

What is the warranty on your equipment?

We offer a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

What is the length of your contract for airtime?

We encourage a 3 year contract which will lock in your pricing. Contracts can be negotiated from 1-3 years.

What additional or hidden fees are there?

While many of our competitors are charging alarming hidden fees such as activation fees, roaming fees and a second airtime bill….Custom GPS has no additional fees. You can be assured your monthly bill will be the same price that is reflected in your proposal.

How often do you update your software?

We routinely update our software monthly for any small system changes. Large feature changes are updated quarterly to ensure our customers have the latest technology the industry has to offer.

What type of mapping do you use?

We use Mapoint, Virtual Earth & Google mapping that offers street level to bird's eye view. Our maps are updated quarterly.

Can the install be done at my business location?

Our certified installers will come to your location and install the GPS device. We will work around your schedule to coordinate the best time for your installation. Our installers work mornings, days, evenings and weekends.

How will I be billed for airtime?

Our customers are billed monthly for airtime by the manufacturer Procon, Inc. Airtime is billed in arrears and will go into affect 30 days after the contract date.

From the time of my order when can I expect to receive product?

Product is shipped within 7 days and install scheduled within 14 days from the time of order.

Who will perform the installation?

Our certified installers will do the install which will insure the installation is done correctly. At this time the installer will do a series of checks to verify the system is up and running accurately.

What happens when there is no cell coverage in the area?

All units are tracked by satellite and downloaded with cellular networks. For example if you have a truck that is not in cell coverage, the satellite will track the truck and it will go into a store forward in the box. Then, when it gets back in to cellular coverage it will download into the history, so no data will be lost.

Are you selling me a new or refurbished GPS device?

We always sell new fleet tracking devices. Because we employ a high volume of GPS Fleet Tracking devices we are able to offer our NEW units at the same low price that our competitors sell refurbished units for.