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2009 Fleet Buyers Guide

As a service business you depend on your drivers to be dependable and on time. With Real Time GPS tracking you can be assured your driver is at his scheduled appointment on time. GPS Business Tracking ›

Our GPS Motorcycle Tracking unit protects the safety of you and your motorcycle. In the event of an accident an emergency alert is sent to specified recipients via text message or email message.Motorcycle GPS›

Our equipment tracking system enhances productivity, reduces business expenses and saves countless dollars on fuel. Protect your investment on heavy equipment by holding your operators accountable. GPS Equipment Tracking ›

About our Company

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Our fleet product manufactured by Procon, has been designed using over 12 years of experience in GPS tracking data, acquisition and wireless communication . Our interface software was designed for its ease of use and is easy to understand. We continue to be innovators in the market place. As technology continues to change, our goal is to give you the most up to date products and grow with your business over the years.

Why should you choose Custom GPS?

New Hardware not Refurbished:

The hardware we deploy operates in very harsh environments. It is designed to withstand a huge range of temperatures and environments. All the hardware we deploy has been tested very comprehensively. It is for this reason that we are able to offer a one year warranty on our tracking units. This warranty comes as standard with all tracking units we supply. In the unlikely event of our tracking hardware malfunctioning we will quickly send an engineer to the vehicle and replace the unit.

No Hidden Costs:

Software updates will be provided to you at no extra cost. This means there is also no need to wait for better or faster technology as it will be provided to you as and when you need it. These updates are provided over the air so there is no need to reschedule with us. With our fixed fees, you will not be hit with any extra costs.

Your airtime bill will not reflect any additional charges for roaming fees, cellular fees or activation fees. Every day you're subscribed is another day we are working to help you reduce costs and increase the profitability of your business

Superior Customer Service:

With new GPS companies sprouting up right and left your probably wondering what the difference really is? Truth be told we realize the service we give customers will ultimately be the most unique feature we can offer. No waiting on hold with someone in India. We have a customer service department here in the good old USA and aim to keep your business by delivering a reliable product and outstanding customer service.